What Students Say
This was so helpful when preparing for PA school applications!! It has updated statistics, requirements, and averages- it made the process of picking which schools to apply to so much easier. I would recommend to EVERYONE wanting to apply to PA school.
DO NOT APPLY TO PA SCHOOL WITHOUT THIS BOOK. It has all the information that most school websites have buried and in multiple locations. Do yourself a favor and save some time!!
This book is wonderful! Saves me hours and hours of online research. Everything you need to know about PA schools across the Nation in ONE book. If you are PrePA you need this, best purchase this year!!! My favorite part about this book (aside from acceptance statistics) is it highlights different aspects about the schools that you may not have found easily on their websites. It really allows you to asses which schools are actually going to be the best fit for you. Amazing!
This manual has all the PA program information you need that would take you an eternity to find on your own. It is an incredible resource that has helped me immensely and I highly recommend it!
This book was amazingly helpful during my applications. The fact all the schools were in one place and all important information was easy to find was the only way I was able to research EVERY PA program and only apply to the best ones for me. Sure, I could have gone on every program website to get the information but the fact it was all in one book made it much less stressful! I had a successful application cycle and I can’t thank the authors of this book enough. They know what the most important details about programs are. I reccomend this book to anyone who is going to apply to school and wants to make sure to do their due dilligence and apply only to the programs that are their best fit.
As I began my search for a school featuring a strong PA program I was immediately directed towards this book and I couldn’t have been more satisfied with the wealth of information it offered. It not only helped narrow down my search of schools, but it also clarified the prerequisites and the competitive applicant profile for each program. Overall I would rate this 5 stars and recommend it to any future PA applicants.
I’ve been anxiously awaiting this book to come out and let me tell you, it was well worth the wait. This is my second year applying and I didn’t get the book last year, but it came highly recommended by some folks in a pre-PA group I’m a part of. I love the layout - it’s easy on the eye and includes basically everything I need to know about each program. I can highlight and take notes where needed, it’s really helping me get more organized to start this process again. The appendices are great too! Loved ready about what characteristics admissions counselors are looking for in future PA students. Definitely worth getting!
I will be applying to PA school for the first time this cycle. I am still in school and graduating in 2 short weeks so believe me when I say this book saved me! It's so hard to get your patient care hours, maintain your GPA and extracurricular activities while trying to sort through hundreds of websites trying to figure out stats and prerequisites for each school you're interested in. This book lays out everything you need to know in a concise book. Each page pertains to one school and the format for each page is consistent. The book is organized by state (which is perfect because everyone considers location!) and contains all prerequisite details, PANCE pass rates from previous years, details on what makes their program special and unique and so much more. With this book I finalized my list of PA programs in 2 short days and even found programs that I didn't know existed. It's a must buy!

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