Michele graduated from the Yale PA program in 2005 and has worked clinically in medical oncology since that time. After several more big moves as my husband completed training, we settled down in Charleston, South Carolina, just weeks before she gave birth to her daughter, Mia. Michele started coaching PA-hopefuls who needed assistance in the application process and began to realize found true joy in helping students navigate the journey she had muddled my way through two decades earlier. In 2019, The Posh PA was officially born, and has evolved from application assistance to a full range of services and personalized coaching from her and her amazing team. She lives and breathes all things PA, and nothing makes her happier than hearing that my mentees and clients got their acceptance letters or landed their dream job.  

With this manual she hopes to reduce the confusion and overwhelm when choosing a PA program to apply to. If you are looking for 1:1 services, please visit www.micheleneskey.com.


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