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PA Program Manual Online

The Applicant’s Manual of Physician Assistant Programs 2024

With your purchase you will receive access to Online The Applicant’s Manual of Physician Assistant Programs 2024 for a full year to our fully searchable online platform which includes:

  1. PA Program Filter Tool – to match you with your perfect programs.
  2. Student Dashboard – where you can save your top programs, log your healthcare experience, volunteer experience, certifications, letters of recommendations, exams, shadowing hours, and more!
  3. The Latest Information – all information in the hardcopy manual, and more, is included and continuously updated during the application cycle.

PA Manual Highlights


We provide a listing of all required and recommended courses for every PA Program in the country so you can make sure you qualify for your dream schools.

Program Features

We provide information about distinguishing features, unique opportunities, and interesting aspects of each program that make each program stand out and serve as talking points during interviews.

Class Statistics

We include class statistics for each program so you can compare yourself to accepted students to help narrow down your options while applying.

Meet the Author

Michele Neskey bring years of experience in working on PA admissions committees and with both Pre-PA and PA students to help you find your perfect program.


What Our Students Say
"This was so helpful when preparing for PA school applications!! It has updated statistics, requirements, and averages- it made the process of picking which schools to apply to so much easier. I would recommend to EVERYONE wanting to apply to PA school."
This manual has all the PA program information you need that would take you an eternity to find on your own. It is an incredible resource that has helped me immensely and I highly recommend it!

I love the layout - it’s easy on the eye and includes basically everything I need to know about each program. I can highlight and take notes where needed, it’s really helping me get more organized to start this process again.